VTG-5225 Quad LVDS Pattern Generator

30-bit Quad LVDS test pattern source

The VTG-5225 QLT supports the demanding need for high definition and high color depth testing requirements. The VTG‑5225 QLT is a flexible tool that provides Dual-link DVI, analog VGA and HDTV with the optional 4-channel LVDS output. It supports pixel rates 330 Mpix/s for the Dual-DVI, 300 Mpix/s for the analog VGA and HDMI. The LVDS output supports single, dual and quad pixel mode up to 400 Mpix/s rate and the full 10 bits per color depth.

Supports present and future needs

In addition to the outstanding output signal performance, the VTG-5225 QLT provides superior flexibility by storing timing files, predefined test pattern and custom made bitmaps internally. These features allow the VTG-5225 QLT to support both present and future high resolution panel and display testing requirements.

Powerful programmability and
software support

• USB and RS-232 connection.
• Powerfull pattern drawing
• True Color bitmaps
• Unlimited number of patterns and timings
• Ultra high speed pattern and bitmap switching
• Pattern and bitmap scrolling
• No additional adaptors needed

Applications include:

• Manufacturing testing
• Engineering signal source
• QA source of standard signals
• Servicing


  • VTG-5225 QLT, P/N 065041

Software Downloads

VTG Software Pack 2.2.0
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