UFG-06 Nopea Frame Grabber Supports Testing of CEC, Audio Return Channel and HDMI Ethernet

13-11-26, Juha Saarinen

Interoperability Test Tool for HDMI Sources

UFG-06 HDDP Nopea is a dual use frame grabber and capture board. It can be used both as a DirectShow compatible streaming frame grabber but also as a powerful and affordable interoperability test tool for HDMI 1.4 source devices. The Software Application Interface provides all the powerful features needed for creating Automated Interoperability Tests.

Software API for Integration

Unigraf provides a straightforward and easy to apply software application interface (API) for the UFG-06 Nopea board. The SDK contains ready made applications for a jump start with the API. The API functions enable implementation of test tasks for each functionality of the DUT HDMI Source device. This includes video and audio capture, receival of the HDMI Infoframes and sending and receiving messages in the CEC channel. The board generates test signals for the Audio Return Channel. The HDMI Ethernet channel can be tested with aloop through the UFG-o6 Nopea board.

Expert Advice

Unigraf is one of the worldwide leaders in testing display interfaces. Whenever you have questions or need advice in testing your D.U.T Source device you are welcome to contact one of our experts. We are working with display industry leaders daily. We are happy to help you win as well.

How to Upgrade

The CEC and Audio Return Channel functionality can be acquired simply by updating UFG-06 Nopea software and firmware to the latest release (UFG-06 Setup Version 1.5). For obtaining the capability to test the HDMI Ethernet Channel, please contact Unigraf.