Unigraf DisplayPort 1.2 Link CTS Extensions Tests Available

13-12-18, Juha Saarinen

First in the Market

Unigraf has released the initial set of tests from VESA DP 1.2 Link Layer CTS Extensions test group. They are the first test tools available for verifying the Link Training related functionality of DP Source devices with all DP 1.2 link rates. The LL CTS Extensions tests are run utilizing Unigraf's DPR-120 Reference Sink and its Debug and Test Controller GUI.

In VESA DP Link Layer Compliance Tests the "Core" test selection describes the tests for DP 1.1a compliant Sinks and Sources. The "Extensions" selection describes test for the new features in DP 1.2, namely High Bit Rate 2 (HBR2 = 5.4 Gbps) and Multistreaming (MST). Unigraf DPR-120 is a HBR2 and MST compliant Reference Sink and is the platform for DP Link CTS Extensions tests.
Tests Grouped in Sets
Unigraf publishes Link CTS Extension tests in predefined sets. Each Set is an independent product that comprises of a number of tests from VESA DisplayPort Link Layer CTS Ext1 and Ext2 standard. The content of Sets is defined in Guide to Unigraf DP CTS Tool Options document. For information about the availability please contact Unigraf.

Making Debugging More Productive

The released package also includes an updated version of Debug and Test Controller GUI, the PC user interface of DPR-120. The new version is bringing some helpful new features for debugging DisplayPort 1.2 Sources.

The features of the Debug and Test Controller GUI are designed based on the deep knowledge that Unigraf engineers have gained in working with DisplayPort designers and in helping them in their daily work. Easiness of use is a major factor in making the designer's work more productive and helping him meet the product release deadlines. Unigraf's tools are known for their easiness of use and reliability.

Easy to Update

The new installation package can be downloaded from Unigraf's download page. When launched, the package will automatically take care of the update of both the GUI software and the hardware FW.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Unigraf Support