Unigraf DPR-120 Authorized Test Tool for Link Core CTS

15-06-09, Juha Saarinen

VESA has confirmed that UNIGRAF DPR-120 Reference Sink can be used as an Authorized Test Tool for DP 1.2 Link Core and Link Ext1 CTS tests for testing DisplayPort source devices. DPR-120 is the only authorized tool for DP 1.2 Core and Ext1 tests.

The now certified tests are included in version 1.9 (Sets A, B and C) of Unigraf DPR-120 Debug and Test Controller install package. The install package can be downloaded from Unigraf download page.

DPR-120 as CTS Development Focus

With the new certification provided by VESA, Unigraf will consider DPR-120 as its leading TE platform for DP RefSink Link CTS Tests. DPR-100 Reference Sink will continue to be Unigraf’s main platform for HDCP and Audio CTS tests for DisplayPort Source Devices. DPR-100 is also the platform for AUX Controller for PHY CTS tests for source devices.

Only Available from Unigraf

Unigraf is the sole supplier for Link Compliance Tests for DisplayPort 1.2. Unigraf's DP 1.2 Link Core, Link Ext1, HDCP and Audio Compliance Tests are certified for use by Authorized Test Centers and member companies for attesting compliance with VESA and DCP standards. Unigraf's test tools are used by all major suppliers of DisplayPort ASICs and DisplayPort connected equipment in their laboratories.