HDMI 2.1 and DP 1.4 over USB-C Test Tools Under Development

19-05-24, Juha Eskola

Unigraf is currently developing fully featured HDMI 2.1 and DP 1.4 over USB-C Test Tools. Prototypes of both test tools are already in use in R&D laboratories. In the beginning of May 2019 Unigraf attended an HDMI PlugFest and evaluated the upcoming HDMI 2.1 Test Tool. Both test tools will be part of the cutting-edge UCD-400 series product family. The HDMI 2.1 Test Tool will be called UCD-422 and respectively the DP 1.4 over USB-C Test Tool will be called UCD-424. If you are interested in a prototype and for detailed information on the upcoming test tools, please contact Unigraf at info@unigraf.fi

Already available is UCD-400, a fully featured DisplayPort 1.4 Test Tool. HBR3 capable UCD-400 is authorized for both DP 1.4 Link Layer and HDCP 2.2 CTS testing. For more information on UCD-400, click here.


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