Unigraf Introduces Automated USB-C™ DisplayPort™ Alt Mode Tester with Electrical Test

19-03-05, Juha Eskola

Unigraf introduces Automated USB-C™ DisplayPort™ Alt Mode Tester with Electrical Test

ESPOO, Finland, 2019 – Unigraf, a worldwide video electronics testing company, launches its latest DisplayPort™ over USB-C™ test tool, the UCD-240 USB-C Test Automation Tool. UCD-240 is specifically designed for test automation in production line environment. UCD-240 is a comprehensive test automation tool supporting DP Alt Mode, 4K@60Hz and NI TestStand. UCD-240 is easy to use and its test coverage includes all essential features of the USB-C interface. UCD-240 comes with built-in tests for video, audio, link and electrical tests. UCD-240’s Electrical Test can verify whole USB-C connector with single cable insertion. Electrical Test verifies that all the connector pins are properly soldered. Automated tests for USB-C power delivery and USB 2.0 & 3.0 functionalities are also supported. UCD-240 is a flexible test automation solution and it can be used via different Software platforms. UCD-240 is delivered as a complete package for test automation, including all necessary Hardware, Software, test sequences and accessories.

Supported Test Automation Platforms

UCD-240 is delivered with Unigraf’s UCD Console GUI that enables effortless and efficient setting of all necessary test parameters for automated tests. For users it is possible to run tests using three different platforms.

Automated tests can be run straight from the command-line. Running automated tests from the command-line is the simplest and most cost-effective way of conducting automated tests for USB Type-C™ interface. Running tests from command-line batch files means that no additional Software is needed. You can use UCD-240’s provided Software to set and save all necessary test parameters and simply call tests from known location from the command-line.  

Second, UCD-240 supports Unigraf’s Test System interface (TSI). Because of the nature of tests, many R&D TSI tests are specific to a certain interface and test equipment Hardware. Since the structure of the TSI test calls is uniform, it is straightforward for the user to swap and re-use test applications between test setups. This will considerably save the test designer's precious time. Using Unigraf's TSI API with C++ is a good alternative when test engineers want to integrate UCD device control and TSI tests on their existing C++ code. This makes it an efficient and cost-effective way of implementing new automated tests into existing test automation setups.

Finally, users can use a third-party test management software e.g. National Instrument’s TestStand. NI TestStand is a ready-to-run test management environment and framework designed to simplify the automation of your test and validation systems. NI TestStand is used to develop, manage and execute test sequences. NI TestStand provides a common unified environment and interface for all the different cases of automated testing. NI TestStand also integrates with enterprise systems, such as database management systems to incorporate easy database logging of test results.

Intended Markets

With the ongoing flood of new USB Type-C products, need for cost-effective and time-saving USB-C test automation in production line environment grows stronger. UCD-240 is intended for production line testing of any USB Type-C products including smartphones, laptops, tablets and more. With multiple supported test automation platforms, UCD-240 meets demands of any test automation engineers performing automated tests for USB-C products with cost efficiency and flexibility in mind. UCD-240’s compact size, flexible software architecture and competitive pricing ensure that it will deliver sufficient performance even in most demanding production lines.

Complete Set for Automated Testing

“Ideology behind UCD-240 was to provide test automation engineers with a complete test set up with everything needed to run automated tests on USB-C interface. UCD-240 is a cost-effective and flexible test solution that can be used as a part of a bigger test automation solution or on a plug and play basis,” said Viktor Khachtchanski, R&D Manager of Unigraf. The delivery content includes UCD-240 Hardware Device, Test Automation Software, Electrical Testing cables supporting automatic CC line flip, regular USB-C cable and USB 3.0 flash drive with pre-stored sequence files and Software installation package. UCD-240 Test Tool comes with built-in automated test sequences for video, audio, link and electrical tests.

UCD-240 CC

Key Features

•    USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode support

•    Built-in test sequences for USB-C test automation

•    Electrical Test to verify whole USB-C connector with single cable insert

•    Test USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 functionalities

•    4K @60 Hz Support

•    Easily configure ready-made tests in UCD Console GUI

•    Run tests from command-line

•    Third-party Test Management Software support e.g. NI TestStand support

•    Unigraf’s TSI Support


Unigraf’s Unique Electrical Test

In production line testing it is crucial to ensure that components in the DUT are functional and soldering process and assembly were successful. UCD-240’s Electrical Test can verify whole USB-C connector with single cable insertion. Electrical Test verifies that all the connector pins are properly soldered. With Electrical Test you can make sure that components in the DUT are functional and soldering and assembly of the components is done properly.


Unigraf’s Background on USB Type-C Products

“UCD-240 continues Unigraf’s pioneering approach to USB Type-C test tools. In 2017 Unigraf introduced world’s first integrated USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode tester in UCD-340. Even though Unigraf is primarily known for its DisplayPort tools, it has made significant investments and product launches regarding USB-C interface. Unigraf’s strong background as a leading DisplayPort compliance test tool supplier has helped Unigraf to master the DisplayPort Alternate Mode in USB-C interface. Both UCD-340 and UCD-240 are comprehensive DisplayPort over USB-C test tools.” said Henri Muhonen, CEO of Unigraf.

Availability, Demo videos and Product Information     

UCD-240 is available for order. For more information on UCD-240, including product pictures and videos, please visit:


For detailed information on delivery time and pricing, please contact Mr. Tapio Perä at tapio.pera@ungiraf.fi

About Unigraf

Unigraf is an innovative Finland based company specializing in Hardware and Software Test Solutions for testing USB-C, DisplayPort and HDMI interfaces. Unigraf’s technological strengths are the deep understanding of the aforementioned interfaces in R&D, test automation and Compliance Test environments. Over the years Unigraf has introduced multiple ground-breaking innovations such as the first DisplayPort over USB-C test tool in UCD-340 and the first HBR3 capable DP 1.4 Test device in UCD-400.