UFG-12 Series is a modern PCIe bus based frame grabber family that captures both video and audio. UFG-12 family is compatible with standard DirectShow and V4L2 applications and the included SDK enables easy integration with the customer’s own program in Windows or Linux environment. The efficient PCIe bus enables the high data throughput needed to capture crystal clear high-resolution video. Application areas for the UFG-12 Series can be found in medical, industrial, multimedia, or in maritime environments.

Multitude of Inputs

UFG-12 M frame grabber features five popular video input types from analog RGB to digital SDI. In addition to the embedded audio in HDMI and SDI, it can capture also discrete L / R audio. The flexibility makes UFG-12 M an optimal choice for e.g. as the capturing device for a Medical or Presentation Media PC.


  • 7 Video and 4 audio inputs conveniently in one board
  • 1920×1080 Full HD at 50/60 fps
  • HDMI and SDI embedded audio and L/R external audio
  • DirectShow for Windows and V4L2 for Linux
  • System Development Kit (SDK) for easy integration