DP Pseudo Sink


Pseudo-Sink for DisplayPort HDCP CTS

The Pseudo-Sink functionality implemented with a special firmware to Unigraf Reference Sinks to operate as Pseudo-Sink in HDCP compliance testing of DP Repeater units. The Pseudo-Sink is used in combination with Unigraf RefSource CTS Tool software.

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Pseudo-Sink or Pseudo-Repeater

Section 3C of the DisplayPort HDCP CTS (Upstream Procedure with Transmitter) defines a set of tests to validate a DUT Repeater. Several tests in Section 3C require the use of so-called Pseudo-Sink or Pseudo-Repeater connected to the downstream port of the DUT Repeater.

The purpose of the Pseudo-Sink or Pseudo-Repeater is to simulate irregular procedures that may not be supported by regular HDCP compliant DisplayPort devices. Unigraf Reference Sinks can be turned into such Pseudo-Sink or Pseudo- Repeater mode to be used along with Unigraf Reference Source to execute the tests in Section 3C.


The Pseudo-Sink capability can be used with Unigraf DPR-100 Reference Sink. The feature is included in DP RefSource HDCP CTS versions 3.3.4 and later.

Unigraf DP HDCP tests for testing Sink and Branch devices can be operated with DPT-200 Reference Source and VTG-5225 DP Pattern Generator.