DisplayPort® Frame Grabber

UFG-04 DP is a full featured DisplayPort™ 1.1a compliant frame grabber. It is a compact and optimum solution for testing DP Source devices.

UFG-04 DP is a platform for testing Link and HDCP features of a DP Source in a design lab. The SDK and the Production Test Command (PTC) set enable the user to implement automated test routines for product validation or long term QA tests.

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Multitude of SW Tools

UFG-04 DP is compatible with the following Unigraf software:

  • DP Sink Console GUI for link level testing of DP sources
  • UFG Console GUI for analyzing the output of DP Source Devices
  • UFG04 SDK software API and PTC Commands [link] for implementing automated testing of DP sources
  • Full Featured DiplayPort Frame Grabber

Extended On-board Frame Buffer

UFG-04 DP frame grabber enables the capture of full resolution DP 1.1 image content with up to 12 bits per color depth and resolution up to WQXGA (2560×1600). The 2 GigaByte on‑board frame buffer enables the capture of hundreds of no-drop video frames regardless of the PC bus bottlenecks.