DisplayPort HDCP 2.2 Compliance Tests for testing DP Sinks, Sources and Repeaters. Compatible test platforms are UCD-400, UCD-340, UCD-323 or UCD-301.

DCP Approved HDCP Compliance Test Equipment for HDCP 2.2 implementing the tests described in HDCP 2.2 IIA Compliance Test Specification

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UCD-323 Approved as Authorized Test Tool

Unigraf HDCP 2.2 CTS solution for testing DP Source and Sink DUTs has already been listed by DCP LLC as Authorized Test Tool on UCD-323 test equipment platform (www.digital-cp.com/compliance). The evaluation of the tests for UCD-400, UCD-340 and UCD-301 platforms continues. The Certified Tool and the engineering versions are available for deliveries.


For UCD-400 and UCD-300

The HCDP 2.2 CTS tool is an extension to Unigraf's wide selection of compliance test tools for DisplayPort interface. The new HDCP 2.2 compliance tests use UCD-400 or UCD-300 series test equipment as their hardware platform.

The new tests allow for testing DP Sink, Source and Repeater DUTs. UCD-400 (DP 1.4) UCD-340 (DP over USB-C) and UCD-323 (DP 1.2) test equipment function as a Reference Source and a Reference Sink while UCD-301 functions as a Reference Sink only. UCD-400 allows for simultaneous Source and Sink functionality enabling the Repeater tests as well.

  UCD-400 UCD-340 UCD-323 UCD-301
  DP 1.4 USB-C DP 1.2 DP 1.2
HDCP 2.2 CTS for Source DUT Yes Yes Yes* Yes
HDCP 2.2 CTS for Sink DUT Yes Yes Yes*  
HDCP 2.2 CTS for Repeater DUT Yes      

* Approved as Authorized Test Equipment

Used via UCD Console

HDCP 2.2 CTS capability is an add-on feature to UCD-300 debug tool called UCD Console. The tests can be straightforwardly enabled to any UCD-400 or UCD-300 installation with an SW update and application of the corresponding license key.

In addition to the Compliance Tests, UCD-400 and UCD-300 Series devices feature also Functionality Testing of HDCP 1.3 and HDCP 2.2 encryption.