UCD-2 Vx1


USB Connected Capture Device

UCD series is a family of compact sized capture devices utilizing USB interface. They provide a flexible and robust way of image capture in automated testing of display related ASICs and display electronics. The dedicated hardware and the easy to apply SW library provide an optimal platform for creating sensitive but short cycle time routines for test systems.

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Designed for Testing

UCD series frame grabbers are designed for test applications. They provide the captured image bit-to-bit in the way it was received without any compression or data loss. The software routines provide full control of the interface and options for e.g. color depth selection, pixel mapping and channel allocation configuration. The dedicated software API is tailored for the purpose, no DirectShow overhead included.

V-by-One Signal Capturing

UCD-2 Vx1 is a 8-lane V‑by‑One capture device. It enables automated testing of TV Main Boards with V‑by‑One output. Synchronized image data from all input channels will be combined to one bitmap for the application SW. This makes creation of the test functions easy and straightforward.

POD Designs Available

To help the customer adapt to FFC connectors, Unigraf has made designs for some commonly used FFC connector pin outs. Currently the following designs are available. Please contact Unigraf Support for details.

  • JAE FI_RE51S_HF_R1500
  • JAE FI_RE41S_HF_R1500
  • JAE FI_RE31S_HF_R1500.


  • Compact, USB connected device
  • Captures 4 to 8 parallel V‑by‑One data lanes
  • 16 lanes with two and 32 lanes with four synchronized units
  • Up to 30 bit color depth
  • Easy to use SW SDK for Windows and Linux

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