UCD Console GUI


UCD Console is a preview and control application for monitoring display interfaces. It allows the user to access the basic features of the connected HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces of the UCD-300 unit.

The functionalities of the UCD Console are divided into groups of tabs for each display interface available in the UCD-300 unit. The user is able to have a clear view of the state of the interface at one glance.

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Default GUI for UCD-300

UCD Console is the default preview and control application for UCD-300 test and capture devices. It is included in the delivery package of the UCD-300 unit and installed during setup. UCD Console enables the user to access basic features like video and audio preview, capture and storage, status of the link etc. The functions are divided in clearly organized tabs for easy access.

Dedicated Functionality for Each Interface

As each UCD-300 unit has multiple display interfaces, the functions in UCD Console are introduced in use Roles. Each interface specific Role contains the functional tabs needed to monitor or control the interface in question. The roles (depending on the connected UCD-300 unit) are:

  • HDMI Reference Sink,
  • DisplayPort Reference Sink
  • HDMI Reference Source (UCD-323)
  • DisplayPort Reference Source (UCD-323)
  • S/PDIF Reference Sink (UCD-301).

Adapts to Connected UCD-300 Units

UCD Console is a common GUI to all UCD-300 units. Depending on the functions and interfaces available in the selected UCD-300 unit, UCD Console adapts itself, and provides the user only the roles and tabs needed to for the interfaces in question. This makes UCD Console easy to use for professionals and random users alike.

Licensing of UCD Console for UCD-301 and UCD-323

Licensing of UCD Console for UCD-340

For detailed description of UCD Console, please refer to UCD Console User Manual that can be accessed through the link on Documents section on the right.