Unigraf Test System


Unigraf Test System (UTS) introduces a high level Test Software, which allows easy integration of the Production and R&D testing routines into automated test system environment. It also ensures smooth migration of the already developed test functions in new test hardware platforms.

Unigraf Test Software consists of Test System Interface (TSI) and number of test sets designed for Production line and R&D testing of various video interfaces.

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Test System Interface

Test System Interface (TSI) provides the user a test equipment hardware independent interface for the Test Sets, compact, short cycle time test routines for verifying the operability of a certain display interface. Several aspects of the interface is being verified in one routine.

Implemented Test Cases

Test Cases implement display specific test procedure in the used test equipment hardware. The calling of Test Case is unified and changing Test Cases and Test Equipment in user application is straightforward. Additionally, in order to optimize the severity of the test and the test cycle time, the user can select between optional test routines with parameters when calling the test.

The use of TSI and the Test Cases significantly simplifies integrator's need to do application dependent programming. TSI ensures the compatibility of the application software with other Unigraf test equipment and the Test Cases provide a readily implemented expert view on the tests needed. Both TSI and Test Cases ensure the user flexibility for future upgrades and, what is a major cost factor, re-use of the written code.

Licensing of UCD Console for UCD-301 and UCD-323

Unigraf TSI Licensing for UCD-340

Unigraf TSI Advantages

  • Simple, Test equipment HW independent API
    • No need for hardware specific SW integration
    • Few functions, easy to implement
    • The same SW interface for various HW
  • Interface specific optimized Test Cases
    • No detailed knowledge needed from the integrator
    • Test severity and speed set with parameters
  • Use Unigraf advanced test equipment HW
    • Support up-to-date display technologies
    • Test video, audio, metadata, PHY
    • Use a common SW interface