DP AUX Channel Monitor

AUX Channel Monitor is an essential companion for any DisplayPort test engineer during debugging Link or HDCP protocol related issues or when running Compliance Tests.

The capability to analyze the details of the handshake between the Source and the Sink is often the key issue for being able to reveal and solve an interoperability problem. Especially when working with standard Sinks and Sources with limited debugging capabilities, an AUX Channel Monitor will essentially shorten the debugging time.

Unigraf AUX Channel Monitor DPA-400 1.4 is compatible with DisplayPort 1.4.
DPA-400 GUI is able to log and parse all DPCD locations and decode the Sideband Channel Communication messages.

Unigraf AUX Channel Monitor can be connected between two investigated devices or a between reference instrument and the DUT. It records the content and timing of AUX Channel events like DPCD reads and writes. HPD events and changes in user-defined input signals can also be included. Powerful event filtering and data highlighting features help the user to locate and pay attention to the important issues.


The video below shows how you can highlight specific transaction lines from AUX Channel Traffic using the DPA-400 HW test tool and designated GUI.

DisplayPort Alt Mode

Unigraf DPA-400 AUX Channel Monitor is compatible also with DisplayPort Alternate Mode in the USB Type-C interface. With the Unigraf provided cable, you can connect the DPA-400 between any two USB-C devices and monitor the AUX Channel transactions related to the DP Alt mode.

The provided cable is designed to interfere with the high-speed data lanes as little as possible. Only signals needed for the AUX traffic monitoring are touched.

Case Studies

Monitoring AUX Channel Communication.

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