HDMI Reference Source

Functions Grouped in Tabs

In order to provide the user a clear at-a-glance view of the status of a certain function of the interface UCD Console views and controls are divided into tabs. The Tabs in each Role of UCD Console have a similar lay-out to make it easy for the user to adopt to the workplace when swapping Roles.

Tabs in HDMI Reference Source Role:


Pattern Generator

  • Select between standard video modes
  • Set a custom video mode
  • Set video color depth
  • Select between fixed patterns

Link and HPD

  • Monitor HPD Signal Status
  • Monitor TMDS Channel status
  • Control TMDS Channel Mode
    • HDMI / DVI mode
    • Enable scrambling
    • TMDS Link Rate: 3.4 / 6.0 Gbps

EDID Editor

  • Load and save EDID from a hex file
  • Append loaded EDID file
  • Read and program sink EDID
  • Review EDID data in hex
  • Review EDID data parsed to logical fields
  • Edit EDID data by fields

HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.4

  • Monitor HDCP status
  • Configure Reference Source HDCP capability
    • Enable / disable encryption
    • Authenticate
    • Select between HDCP keys

Features and Licensing

Please find below a description of the various functions found in the tabs of the UCD Console GUI and the related licensing options.

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