Professional Display Solutions

Increased Use of Video

Video content is increasingly captured today. More and more application areas are combining, managing, sharing and storing captured video content. High resolution video technologies combined with increasing screen sizes are bringing larger screens with improved picture quality into market. This opens new solutions and applications where sharing video content starts to add value. Some of these applications can be served with standard commercially available products, but many require special features and/or functionality. When customer needs intelligent display solution, which has special environmental and/or functional requirements, Unigraf can offer a tailored solution. 

Unigraf Core Areas of Expertize

Unigraf is an expert provider on product areas where high resolution video screens are combined with PC technology. With its two decades long experience on various kinds of video interfaces Unigraf is one of the leading providers of video capturing boards and equipment for testing devices with video interfaces.

In addition to the standard boards and equipment Unigraf product range includes customized PC-based products for various industries. They include industrial PCs, monitors for special environment, control terminals for train rolling stock etc. The custom designs fulfill typically a non-standard requirement like environmental compliance, special form factor or an added interface. In many cases Unigraf utilizes standard components and building block to combine the system. The deep understanding on both video and PC technology provide Unigraf a solid basis for the task.

Unigraf Quality System

ISO 9001:2008 certified by DNV.


In all Unigraf's operations – from early development phases to after sales services – we apply high quality standards. Unigraf has a DNV certification of quality according to ISO 9001:2008.