Custom Development Projects

Starting from Available Building Blocks

Unigraf can provide an excessive range of ready-made video capture, display and Panel PC products. In case all the application requirements can not be fulfilled with standard products, Unigraf is capable to make a custom tailored product development or a product adaptation. The development is based on a library of available building blocks, which have been developed during the many years of development of similar products.

Advantages of the custom defined products over products based on the use of standard commercially available modules are optimal functionality, increased reliability and improved environmental specifications. The products can be type tested and certified for conformance with e.g. train, ship, medical or military standards.

Unigraf Development Process

The custom defined projects follow the rules of standard Unigraf development process, defined in the Unigraf Quality System. However, the customer is participating in the project planning and reviews.

SC1900 front view

Unigraf Product Creation Process