UNIGRAF UCD-240 • Running Automated CRC Tests on USB-C Smartphone

Published 19-06-19 in category USB-C™ • Writer Juha Eskola

In this video we demonstrate step-by-step how you can configure and run automated CRC tests on USB Type-C smartphone with Unigraf's USB-C DP Alt Mode Test Automation Tool UCD-240. Video includes the following steps:

1) Setting the DUT into DP Alt Mode and checking the status of the DUT

2) Set up the captured frame for CRC tests

3) Select and configure desired tests in UCD Console GUI

4) Capture the reference frame

5) Save the test configuration in known location

6) Run the automated tests from the command-line

UCD-240 is a cost-effective and flexible Test Automation tool for testing USB Type-C products in production line environment. UCD-240 is a fully featured Test Automation tool supporting DP Alt Mode, 4K@60Hz and NI TestStand. UCD-240 is easy-to-use and its test coverage includes all essential features of the USB-C interface.

For more information on UCD-240 click here


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