DisplayPort 1.4a CTS Status • Sink DUT

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SectionTest IDs in DP1.4a LL CTSUnigraf Test SetUnigraf Implementation StatusVESA Status
Link LayerMT6635: DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS for Sink DUT
AUX Channel Protocol5.2.1.1 -
Sink Device DPCD Field Implementation Addendum5.2.2.1 -
Link Training5.3.1.1 -
Link Maintenance5.3.2.1 -
Main Video Stream Reconstruction5.4.1.1 - - startedNot specified
5.4.2 -
Main Audio Stream Reconstruction5.4.4.1 -
Sink FEC protocol5.5.1.1 -
DSC MT6643: DP 1.4 DSC CTS for testing Sink DUT
Sink Device DSC Test Procedures5.6.1.1 -
Sink DSC protocol extension5.6.2.1 -
DisplayID-EDID. MT6647: DisplayID / EDID CTS for testing Sink DUT
E-EDID Base Structure Test Procedures5.7.1.1 -
EDID Block 0 (Basic Display Parameters and Features) -
18-Byte Descriptor Test Cases5. -,
CTA Block Validation (CTA Extension Format) -
Data Block Collection (Type Validation) -
Short Video Descriptors (SVDs) -
Audio Data Block5. -
Speaker Allocation Data Block5.,
DisplayID Extension Block Framework Validation5.7.3.1 -
DisplayID Extension Block Tiled Display Topology Block5.7.4.1 - started - started
DisplayID Extension with Stereo Display Interface Data Blocks
DisplayID Extension with Type VII Detailed Timing Block5.7.6.1 -
DisplayID Extension with Type VIII Detailed Timing Block5.7.7.1 -
DisplayID Extension with Type IX Detailed Timing Block5.7.8.1 -
CTA Data Blocks in a DisplayID Extension5.7.9.1 -
DisplayID Vendor-Specific Data Blocks5.7.10.1 -
Dynamic Video Timing Range Limits Data Block5.7.11.1 -
DisplayID Data Block Version Validation5.7.12.1 -
EDID Dynamic Refresh Rate Support with Vertical Blank Stretch with MSA_TIMING_PAR_IGNORED Option5.7.13.1 - started
DisplayID Extension with Type X Formula-based Timing Data Block5.7.14.1 - started
DisplayID Structure with ARVR_HMD Data Block5.7.15.1 - started
DisplayID Structure with ARVR_Layer Data Block5.7.16.1 - started
DisplayID Extension with Adaptive-Sync Data Block5.7.17.1 - started
Adaptive-SyncMT6649: AdaptiveSync CTS for testing Sink DUT
Adaptive-Sync Operation Validation5.8.1.1 - progress (TE correlation)