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Unigraf is a worldwide leading video electronics testing company based in Finland. Unigraf specializes in Hardware and Software Test Tools for testing USB-C™, DisplayPort™, and HDMI™ interfaces. Unigraf’s technological strengths are a deep understanding of the aforementioned interfaces in R&D, Test Automation, and Compliance Test environments. World’s leading electronics manufacturers use Unigraf’s tools to test smartphones, laptops, tablets, monitors and more in the R&D development phase as well as in production line testing. Furthermore, Unigraf’s compliance test tools can be used to verify that products are designed and work according to standards set by e.g. Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and Digital Content Protection LLC (DCP).

Innovation and Technological Expertise

Unigraf’s expertise lies within a deep understanding of the fundamental technologies of DisplayPort, USB-C and HDMI interfaces. Even though the underlying technologies are complex, Unigraf has always been ambitious about turning our technological expertise into a user-friendly experience perfectly matching the customers’ needs.

Leading the Way

Unigraf is a worldwide leader in DisplayPort compliance test tools. A wide range of approved DP Link Layer and HDCP 2.3 compliance test tools ensure there is a solution for all testing needs. Over the years Unigraf has introduced multiple groundbreaking innovations such as the first HBR3 capable DP 1.4 Test device UCD-400. In 2022 Unigraf introduced the DisplayPort 2.0 Test Tool UCD-500. UCD-500 is another addition in the line of Unigraf’s DisplayPort Link Layer CTS test tools offering testing up to UHBR speed via both DisplayPort and USB-C connectors. Unigraf’s expertise on DisplayPort has allowed Unigraf to master the DisplayPort alternate mode within the USB-C interface. Back in 2017 Unigraf introduced world’s first USB-C DP Alt Mode test tool UCD-340.

Modern TVs, monitors and gaming consoles have taken the user experience to a whole new level. Technologies such as HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Enhanced gaming features all propose challenges to test engineers. With a strong foundation for DisplayPort and HDMI testing, Unigraf has taken a leading role in understanding and mastering the testing of HDR10+ and Dolby Vision technologies. UCD-422 and UCD-45x series offer up to 8K testing of the state of the art consumer electronics products.

Unigraf Background

The origin of Unigraf is in the multinational KONE Corporation. The team that is today Unigraf was established as the Industial Control Team of Kone Instrument Group. At that time the time when PC did not exist every control system had its dedicated “Video Generator”. Industrial Control Team successfully provided advanced display controller units for companies like Kone, Valmet (today Metso) and Nokia who was involved in industial control systems at that time. Many of the systems are still in use after a 30 years’ service. In 1990 Unigraf was formed with a MBO.

Unigraf was soon concentrating on a new area: PC card based video test pattern generators to help the production of monitors and TV sets. Unigraf was the first company to integrate the pattern generator inside a PC having a graphical user interface. Unigraf gained a strong position in pattern generators for automated testing of both analog and digital displays. It was co-operating with worldwide leaders like Philips, Sony, LG, HP etc.

With the invention of the new DisplayPort display interface Unigraf soon established the leading position as the supplier of Link Layer and HDCP CTS tools for both DisplayPort Sinks and Sources. Unigraf has extended the selection of tools to include testers for DP Audio CTS and DP EDID CTS. All leading providers of DisplayPort-enabled components and devices are using Unigraf tools in their laboratories.

In early 2000 Unigraf enlarged its expertize and product range to frame grabbers for capturing high resolution RGB and DVI signal. Combining the expertize in video testing and frame grabbers Unigraf is now providing a novel test scheme for testing on one hand HDMI and DisplayPort Source Devices and on the other hand display electronics with LVDS or mini-LVDS output. Unigraf’s approach is again new and revolutionary on both areas. Unigraf’s test scheme provides features and a flexibility that older conventional test systems cannot provide.

Highest Credit Ratings

Core Technologies

Unigraf’s vision is to ensure better quality for your future technology products. Unigraf’s expertise lies within a deep understanding of the fundamental technologies of DisplayPort, USB-C and HDMI interfaces. Unigraf is a worldwide leader in DisplayPort compliance test tools. This has allowed Unigraf to master the DisplayPort alternate mode within the USB-C interface. For HDMI interface Unigraf provides a wide range of R&D debug and production line test tools. Across the range, Unigraf’s test tools can be used in R&D development, compliance testing and production line testing – regardless of the interface.


ISO 9001:2008 certified by DNV

In all Unigraf’s operations – from early development phases to after sales services – we apply high quality standards.

Unigraf has a DNV certification of quality according to ISO 9001:2008.

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