Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) gathered from our customer support. We are constantly updating this page as more requests come into our technical support. If you have a question that is not highlighted here, please submit a request here and our technical support will advise you accordingly.

Test Automation

1. How to use UCD Product Family for Test Automation?

Please refer to this Slideshare for Test Automation of USB-C Devices:



2. Is there any example of Test Automation?

Please refer to this video for an example of Test Automation:

“Unigraf UCD-340 Test Automation Setup – Testing a USB Type-C Laptop (MacBook)”


3. How do you make and run a test script?

When you download the latest SW bundle package from the Unigraf downloads, you can use TSI.exe to run the scripts. You can find the “TSI-X reference manual” from the installed package. Please read chapter 7 for scripting.

You would need to create an empty folder, where you have the following files:

TSI.exe is the scripting engine.

Init.tsi file has the device serial number, Replace S/N in the file with your device S/N. You can ask S/N from device from the command line by giving command TSI -l (to list devices connected in your PC USB3 port)

Macros.tsi is the file containing macros. TSI scripting engine allows creating macros by combining multiple commands as one command.

MyTestScript.txt is the test script to run. Execute it from the command line by giving command TSI -r YourTestScript.txt

MyTestScript.td is the parameter file containing test parameters. You can create this file with UCD Console by export button to save parameters in the file.

You may learn more about scripting from C:\Program Files (x86)\Unigraf\TSI\SDK\TSI_Automation_Script_Examples\



1. Is the HDR 10+ function available on UCD-422?

We can output any format, including HDR10+. We have joined the HDR10+ organization and we have access to their content now.



1. How do you update FW?

Chapter four of the UCD-400 user manual linked below are the instructions to update the firmware in UCD-400.

UCD-400 Firmware Update

Tutorial video:

The UCD-400 firmware update procedure is different than our other products. The firmware (FW) of UCD-400 is programmed with a separate Intel tool:

Quartus Prime (includes Nios II EDS). The tool can be downloaded from Intel® FPGA website:




1. In the production line test with UCD-340, what test item can be done?

We do have multiple items to test:
  • USB-C detection and flip
  • Verify that all the USB-C pins on DUT are conducting
  • Power source & load and measure the value
  • Control for USB Power Delivery items
  • DisplayPort alternate entry and pinout control
  • In DisplayPort we can do a lot of things – for production, the most relevant is that we can verify that the frame sent by DUT has not changed on the way

2. In the production line test with UCD-340, how can it be able to identify the problem of their product such as short circuitry or cold soldering in the connector pins on the PCBA?

  • We provide Electrical Test package (SW and separate test cable) to verify power lines – all the four VBUS and four GND pins are measured separately
  • For the data signals, we use functional test and SW based cable flip to all the pins through



1. In the “Reference HDMI Sink” “EDID” tag, there are two buttons near the bottom: Sink EDID: Read and Write? What do these buttons do? Is it possible to read the EDID data from a downstream device connected to the HDMI out port?

In Reference Sink role, the user can Read EDID from UCD-323 Sink as well as program EDID image to UCD-323 Sink via Write control. UCD Console allows to load previously saved EDID image and overwrite the default UCD-323 EDID with the selected image.

In Reference Source role, the same controls are available. Users can Read EDID from connected Sink and store the image for future use. The capability to Write is also available but most Sinks surely won’t allow Source to overwrite their EDID, so this operation is unlikely to succeed.

Therefore, if you need to read EDID from connected Sink device, first select Reference Source role for UCD-323, connected Sink to UCD-323 HDMI Out port and press Read button. If you do this when selected Reference Sink role, you will access EDID of the UCD-323 Reference Sink itself.



1. Can UCD-301 conduct electrical testing of the TMDS lines?

UCD-301 is good when electrical testing of the TMDS lines is needed. It will be able to detect voltage failures, open/ short pins in HDMI connector. This is useful for production testing.

2. When connecting the source DUT to UCD-301, I can see the booting process on the “preview” and then no signal.

If using UCD Console, check the link page to see if all the locks are still green. If you can see the “boot” process, but nothing after that, it likely means that the source switches to another display mode which is no longer detected properly by the UCD-301. It is not an SW issue, but rather a compatibility problem and/or hardware related issue. Maybe DUT cannot handle EDID of UCD-301, therefore try to load another EDID or modify EDID.


How to configure and run automated CRC tests(Test Automation) on USB-C Smartphone with Unigraf’s UCD 240 Test Tool?

Here demonstrates step-by-step how you can configure and run automated CRC tests on USB Type-C smartphone with Unigraf’s USB-C DP Alt Mode Test Automation Tool UCD-240.