DisplayPort 1.4a CTS Status • Source DUT

For the status of individual tests, please contact us at info@unigraf.fi

SectionTest IDs in DP1.4a LL CTSUnigraf Test SetUnigraf Implementation StatusVESA Status
Link LayerMT6637: DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS for Source DUT
AUX Reads after HPD Plug Event4.2.1.1 -
EDID and DPCD Reads4.2.2.1 -
Link Training4.3.1.1 -
Link Maintenance4.3.2.1 -
Video Time Stamp Generation4.3.3.1CompleteNormative
Main Stream Data Mapping4.4.1.1 -
Main Stream Data Mapping4.4.1.4 - startedNot specified
Main Video Stream Format Change Handling4.4.2CompleteNormative
Power Management4.4.3CompleteNormative
Audio Stream Transmission over Secondary Packets4.4.4.1 -
Source FEC Protocol4.5.1.1 -
DSC MT6642: DP 1.4 DSC CTS for testing Source DUT
Source Device DSC Test Procedures4.6.1.1 -
DisplayID-EDIDMT6646: DisplayID / EDID CTS for testing Source DUT
Video Tests4.7.1.1 -
Audio Tests4.7.2.1 -
Source Device Test Procedures (E-DDC Protocol) -
Source Device Test Procedures (DisplayID) - startedNot specified
Source Device Test Procedures (Adaptive-Sync) progress (TE Correlation)
Adaptive SyncMT6648: AdaptiveSync CTS for testing Source DUT
Fixed-Average VTotal Mode Support Validation4.8.1.1 - progress (TE Correlation)
Adaptive VTotal Mode Support Validation4.8.2.1 - progress (TE Correlation)