Unigraf’s UCD-400 and UCD-424 Now Support Adaptive Sync Testing

March 12, 2022

As we all know, Adaptive-Sync testing is part of the DisplayPort logo certification process. Unigraf’s recently published software bundle v.1.11 introduced support for Adaptive-Sync technology, including Adaptive-Sync Compliance tests for testing DisplayPort Source and Sink devices.

The Adaptive-Sync Compliance tests add to the comprehensive selection of features and capabilities of Unigraf UCD-400 and UCD-424. Besides the complete set of approved compliance tests, Unigraf UCD series test tools enable the user to inspect and verify all aspects of the DisplayPort interface from AUX Channel to link symbol details.

The featured software UCD console is the graphical user interface. In addition, there is a high-level scripting library for running automated tests and design validation.

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UCD-400: DisplayPort 1.4a – HBR3 8K Generator & Analyzer

UCD-424: USB-C DP Alt Mode 8K Generator & Analyzer