USB-C External Power Test Unit


UCD-340 External USB-C Power Test Unit enables testing the full range of USBVbus voltages from 5 V to 20 V. DUTs capabilities for sinking and sourcing Vbus current can be tested all the way up to 20 V / 5 A. USB-C External Power Test Unit is an add-on hardware for UCD-340 test tool.

Power Delivery Options

UCD-340 Power Delivery Options (PDO) can be set and monitored either from UCD Console GUI or the high-level SW API called Test System Interface (TSI). This provides you flexible options for verifying DUT capabilities and performance either on R&D desktop or through automated test routines for regression testing or production line functional testing.


  • Accessory to Unigraf UCD-340 USB‑C DP Alt Mode Tester

  • Enables testing of USB-C VBUS voltages from 9 V to 20 V

  • Current sink and source up to 20 V / 5 A

  • Controlled either from GUI or SW API