Test Automation Shell for DPR-120


Automated Test Routines for DPR-120

Test Automation Shell (TA Shell) is an optional add on for DPR-120 Debug and Test Controller (DTC). It enables the user to create automated test routines using the powerful features found in DPR-120 DTC. All functions that are in the DTC GUI can also be accessed through the TA Shell.

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Automation of CTS

The TA Shell enables also execution of compliance tests enabled for DPR-120 DTC. Also with the CTS tests, all functions found in DPR-120 DTC can be automated with the TA Shell.

Simple Mnemonic Syntax

Please find below a quick list of TA Shell commands. 

List / Open / Close <Device ID>
Run <DOS_Command>

DPIN HPD / Linkconfig / DPCD Read / Write / Save / Load
DPIN Status / Streams
SINK EDID Load / Save
DPMON Select / Read / Log
CTS Config / Run / Report

For a full description of each command, please refer to TA Shell_User_Manual. The manual is also included in the DPR-120 Release Package.