DPR-100 • DP Reference Sink


Compact Sized DisplayPort®
Reference Sink

DPR-100 is an easy to use platform for Audio and HDCP compliance tests of DP Source devices. It serves also as AUX Controller for PHY CTS test automation when equipped with a dedicated firmware.

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Audio and HDCP Compliance Test

DPR-100 is a compact sized Reference Sink for running Audio and HDCP tests for DUT DP Source devices. DPR-100 with an appropriate software is certified by DCP LLC as Authorized Test Equipment for HDCP CTS. The DP RefSink CTS SW GUI allows the user to configure the test to match the DUT capabilities, follow execution of the test and get a easy-to-read report of the actions during the test and the details of the pass or failure.

AUX Controller for PHY Tests

As a second role, DPR-100 is operating as a DP AUX Controller to automate the DP PHY testing with a compliant PHY Test Equipment. With the AUX Controller firmware DPR-100 is compatible with Keysight, Teledyne LeCroy and Tektronix oscilloscopes. Please download the applicable firmware from Unigraf Download Page.

Test Automation

The Production Test Command set (PTC) provides a way to control DPR-100 from user application. This feature enables the the use of DPR-100 as a sink in automated software validation tests or long term QA reliability tests.

For Engineering and Production

The small size, only 10.5 × 13 × 3.5 centimeters make the DPR-100 an ideal fit to both a laboratory desktop or production line instrument rack. The only connection needed are the DisplayPort™ input and a USB connection.