DP RefSink Link CTS Extensions


DP 1.2 Link CTS Extension 1 Tests

DP Link Layer CTS test capability is an add-on feature of the DPR-120 Debug and Test Controller GUI. It implements the tests defined in VESA DisplayPort Link Layer Compliance Test Specification: Extension Set 1.
DPR-120 DTC GUI includes the engineer tools for configuring the test options, running tests individually or in groups, and for saving test reports in easy to read HTML format.

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Execute VESA Specification

Unigraf CTS test GUI support the engineer in productive compliance verification. It provides the engineer a clear view of the execution of the test by following in detail the procedure of the VESA specification and describing each action the tested equipment and the Reference Sink. In this way it is straightforward for the engineer to comprehend the test flow and detect each procedure step.

Each action in the test execution is stored in the report by using HTML format. The report provides the user the test results both on top level as in depth detailed execution of each test. The report can also contain additional valuable information about the test configuration and e.g. software versions used.

Test Sets

Unigraf DP 1.2 Link CTS Extensions SW are divided into sets of tests. Sets A and B cover the High Bit Rate 2 (HBR2) and Link Training related tests of Extension 1. Set C includes the tests from Link CTS Core that are not covered by the tests included in sets A and B.

In order to get details of the content of each individual CTS Test Product please refer to document:

If you have any additional questions, please contact Unigraf or your local representative.

AUX Channel Monitor

An essential partner for compliance tests is the AUX Channel Monitor. By examining the detailed DPCD reads and writes and their timing, the engineer will get the full picture of the handshake between the source and the sink and the cause of the possible CTS test failure.

Please use the link on this page to find a description of Unigraf's AUX Channel monitor and its user friendly operation.