DP RefSink HDCP 1.3 CTS Tool

RefSink HDCP 1.3 CTS Product

HDCP 1.3 CTS Testing for DP Source DUTs

Unigarf's HDCP 1.3 Compliance Test Software implements the tests described in DCP LLC DisplayPort HDCP Compliance Test Standard. Clearly organized GUI and reporting software with matching firmware for the Reference Source test equipment.

Unigraf's Hardware Test Tool for HDCP 1.3 CTS Testing is DPR-100. It's a fully-featured and easy-to-use DisplayPort™ source for compliance testing, development and debugging of DP connected monitors.

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GUI and FW for the Reference Source

Unigraf DP RefSource CTS Tools consist of two components:

  • Windows graphical user interface (GUI) application,
  • Target firmware (FW) for the Reference Source hardware.

The actual tests are implemented by the FW, while system control and status reporting are done by the GUI. The FW implements both the functions needed in the CTS tests and the normal functionality as DP Source.

Clearly Organized GUI

The CTS test GUI is organized in functional tabs. Each tab includes a set of functionality needed for a task. Link Layer Tests tab for launching and monitoring Link Layer test, HDCP Tests tab for launching and monitoring HDCP tests and Link training tab for monitoring Source/Sink link training status.

Extended CTS Tool

The RefSource CTS Tools are divided into two groups: the basic set for testing the Sinks and the Extended set for testing Repeaters. Detailed information of the tests implemented in each set please refer to document Guide to Unigraf DP CTS Tool Options.

DPR-100 as a Hardware Test Tool

DPT-100 is compatible with two Graphical User Interface SW. DP RefSource CTS GUI is the user interface for compliance testing and DP Sink Console GUI is meant for development testing and monitoring the Link Training status. Both tools provide the engineer access to all information deeded with only a few clicks. This will help the engineer in maintaining effective testing or debugging sessions.