DPR-120 • DP 1.2 Test Device


DP 1.2 Compliant Reference Sink

DPR-120 is a full featured DisplayPort™ 1.2 compliant Reference Sink.
It provides all features needed for testing DP Multistream (MST) source devices like PC display cards or portable computers. The Debug and Test Controller GUI is the user interface of DPR-120. It provides the user a multitude of valuable tools for monitoring the performance of the DUT.

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Authorized Test Tool

VESA has certified DPR-120 as the Authorized Test tool for testing Link layer CTS 1.2 Core and Extension Set 1 revision 1.1. (pls find information about certified software versions here ).

Click here for a detailed
description of DP 1.2 Link CTS testing with DPR-120.

Debug and Test Controller GUI

The desktop user interface for DPR-120 is called Debug and Test Controller (DTC) GUI. It provides the user access to all link status information and ways to control the features of the DPR-120 sink for testing DUT capabilities. It also features an AUX Channel Monitor for evaluating the handshake in the upstream link. DTC GUI is also the user interface for Link compliant tests.

DTC GUI allows the user to evaluate the details of both the upstream DP Link training status and the streams sent by the Source. The user can monitor and log the changes in Main Stream Attributes (MSA), Video Status and CRC of color components. Both the EDID and the DPCD data of the DPR-120 Sink can be altered.

All these are valuable features for testing the DUT source with various sink capability scenarios. Debug and Test Controller GUI is also the user interface for DP 1.2 Link Layer CTS Extensions tests.

Click here for a detailed
description of DPR-120 
Debug and Test Controller GUI.

DP Alt Mode

DPR-120 with Debug and Test Controller GUI is an optimal tool also for verifying the performance of USB-C Source devices. They can be connected to DPR-120 via an USB-C to DP cable adapter. For learning more, please contact Unigraf

For Engineering and Production

The compact size, only 23 × 17 × 5.6 centimeters make the DPR-120 ideal for both a laboratory desktop and production line instrument rack.