DPR-120 MST Debug Extension


AUX Monitor and MST Stream Timeslot Allocation Panel

The AUX Channel Monitor and MST Stream Timeslot Allocation panel are an add on features of the DPR-120 Debug and Test Controller GUI. With the AUX Monitor the user is able to record the AUX traffic in the upstream link. In Stream Timeslot Allocation panel the user can see stream allocation parameters in MST mode. 

DPR-120 DTC GUI includes several tools for configuring the DPR-120 unit and monitoring stream parameters sent over the DP link. DPR-120 DTC GUI is also the platform for DP 1.2 Link Compliance Tests.

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AUX Channel Monitor

The AUX Channel monitor is enabled as a tab in DPR-120 Debug and Test Controller (DTC) GUI. AUX Monitor enables the user to record the AUX Channel traffic in the upstream link between DPR-120 and the DUT DP Source. The operation of this built-in AUX Monitor in many ways similar to Unigraf’s DPA-400 AUX Channel Monitor. The advantage of the built-in function is that no extra connectors are used in the signal path that could potentially degrade the quality of the signal.

Stream / Timeslot Allocation

Streams / Timeslot Allocation panel is enabled in the Main tab of DPR-120 DTC GUI. The panel shows the time slot allocation for the various MST stream payloads in the received upstream link.

DP Alt Mode

DPR-120 with Debug and Test Controller GUI is an optimal tool also for verifying the performance of USB-C Source devices. They can be connected to DPR-120 via an USB-C to DP cable adapter. For learning more, please contact Unigraf

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