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Wide Application Areas

Unigraf frame grabbers are used in a wide variety of applications where video signal needs to be recorded or streamed. They are used for capturing a radar or a simulator screen, for recording product presentations or visualizing and archiving medical equipment. They are also used in equipment like digital video recorders or stage lighting appliances.

A Suitable Frame Grabber for Every Use

Unigraf capture boards support all typical video signal types used in a PC environment. They feature most often used PCI bus options to suit your target PC. If you want to use standard Windows video capturing applications, you simply install the board, the driver and the capturing can start right away. Our API/SDK helps you implement any special function needed.

Reliable, Compatible and Easy to Use

Unigraf frame grabbers are known for their reliability and easiness of use. The main target of our development and support teams is to make the use of our frame grabbers as easy as possible. We let our customers concentrate on their own speciality by providing our expert help. Unigraf frame grabbers automatically detect the video modes from NTSC and PAL to Full HD 1080p60 and as high as 2560x1600.