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Unigraf's Test Automation Software introduces a high-level Test Software, which allows easy integration of the Production and R&D testing routines into an automated test system environment. It also ensures a smooth migration of the already developed test functions in new test hardware platforms.

Unigraf Test Automation Software consists of Test System Interface (TSI) and the number of test sets designed for Production line and R&D testing of various video interfaces.

Unigraf's UCD-series Test Tools provide the Hardware platform for running automated tests with Unigraf's Test Automation Software. UCD-400 is an 8K capable Test Tool supporting DP 1.4 interface. UCD-323 and UCD-301 can be used to run automated tests on DP 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 interfaces. UCD-340 is a fully-featured R&D debug tool for the USB-C DP Alt Mode interface. UCD-340 can be used for automated tests in the R&D environment. Correspondingly UCD-240 is a USB-C DP Alt Mode Test Tool designer for test automation in the production line environment.

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Production Line Test Automation

Unigraf's SDK for test automation is called Test System Interface (TSI). TSI is a hardware-independent, high-level Software API (Software Application Interface). It offers compact and short cycle time test routines with which the functionality of most common display interfaces can be verified. Unigraf's dedicated Test Tools for production line test automation are UCD-301 for testing DisplayPort and HDMI sources and UCD-240 for testing USB-C DP Alt mode Sinks and Sources.


Unigraf Test Automation Software includes also test sequences intended for use in the product design phase. These test sequences cover a more comprehensive set of routines for verifying the basic functions of the interface protocol. These test sequences are ideal e.g. long term tests during QA accelerated tests or for hardware and software validation at the end of a design phase.

Because of the nature of tests, many R&D TSI tests are specific to a certain interface and test equipment hardware. Since the structure of the TSI test calls is uniform, it is straightforward for the user to swap and re-use test applications between test setups. This will considerably save the test designer's precious time.

Implemented Test Cases

Unigraf TSI includes ready-made, interface-specific test routines called Test Cases. The Test Cases provide the system integrator pretested, efficient routines as building blocks of the test application. Test Cases are optimized for reliability and speed. They are executed partly in the test equipment hardware and partly in the host PC.

The use of TSI and the Test Cases significantly simplifies integrator's need to do application dependent programming. TSI ensures the compatibility of the application software with other Unigraf test equipment and the Test Cases provide a readily implemented expert view on the tests needed. Both TSI and Test Cases ensure the user flexibility for future upgrades and, what is a major cost factor, re-use of the written code.

TSI Electrical Test

TSI Electrical Testing is available for UCD-301 and UCD-340. Unigraf's TSI Electrical Tests can be automated for R&D or production line environment. Electrical Testing enables testing the continuity of signals by verifying current flow in signal lines. With UCD-340 and UCD-301 electrical test feature, e.g. an automated test can verify the flow of the signal. This will help ensure that components in the DUT are functional and the soldering process was successful.

TSI SDK Advanced Test Set

With an optional TSI Advanced Test Set, user can access more features for automated testing. Please, refer to tables below to compare the Basic TSI and Advanced TSI Softwares.

TSI Options for testing DP 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 interfaces

The following table compares the features of TSI SDK Basic and TSI SDK Advanced for testing DP and HDMI Sinks and Sources with UCD-323 or UCD-301 Test Tools.

TSI Options for testing USB-C DP Alt Mode Interface

The following table compares the features of TSI SDK Basic and TSI SDK Advanced for testing USB-C DP Alt Mode Sinks and Sources with UCD-340 and UCD-240 Test Tools.

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Test Automation SW
Upgrade to existing UCD-300 series HW
Upgrade to existing UCD-301 HW Test Tool
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Unigraf Test Automation Software Advantages

  • Simple, Test equipment HW independent API
    • No need for hardware specific SW integration
    • Few functions, easy to implement
    • The same SW interface for various HW
  • Interface specific optimized Test Cases
    • No detailed knowledge needed from the integrator
    • Test severity and speed set with parameters
  • Use Unigraf advanced test equipment HW
    • Support up-to-date display technologies
    • Test video, audio, metadata, PHY
    • Use a common SW interface


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