UCD-1 MLC_prod

USB Connected mini-LVDS
Capture Device

UCD-1 MLC is a frame grabber that can capture four (4) 6-lane mini-LVDS channels. It enables automated testing of TFT LCD module T-Con boards, T-Con chips and TV Main Boards with mini-LVDS output. Multiple signaling schemes can be configured to make testing of various mini-LVDS bus signaling types easy and straightforward.

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USB Connected Capture Device

UCD series is a family of compact sized capture devices utilizing USB interface. They provide a flexible and robust way of image capture in automated testing of display related ASICs and display electronics. The dedicated hardware and the easy to apply SW library provide an optimal platform for creating sensitive but short cycle time routines for test systems.

Intended for Testing

UCD series frame grabbers are designed for test applications. The video data is captured and stored bit-to-bit in the way it was received, without any compression or data loss. The software routines provide full control of the interface and options for e.g. color depth selection, pixel mapping and channel allocation configuration. The dedicated software API is tailored for the purpose, no DirectShow overhead included.

Unigraf Test System

Unigraf Test System (UTS) is a high level Test Software, which allows easy integration of the Production (and R&D) testing routines into an automated test system environment. It also ensures smooth migration of the already developed test functions to the new test hardware platforms.


  • Compact, USB connected device
  • Captures 4 parallel mini-LVDS channels with 6 data lanes
  • Easy to use SW SDK for Windows and Linux
  • Configuration data for compatibility with various mini-LVDS types

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  • UCD-1 MLC, P/N 066490

Please refer to Unigraf Test System below for details about the available test software options.


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