New Dolby Vision™ Test Tools

December 10, 2021

We are glad to introduce Unigraf’s UCD-451 and UCD-452. The devices have extended memory up to 32 GB, allowing any video format, audio format, frame rate, video timing, and infoframes to be played with no restrictions. Thanks to the extended memory, these two test tools enable playback of 8K Dolby Vision™ content on HDMI and DisplayPort sink devices. Both test tools come with an embedded PC. Users can operate UCD Console through the embedded PC in both devices with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse directly connected to the device.

UCD-451 is an 8K video generator for testing Dolby Vision™ on DisplayPort™ 1.4a sink devices with HBR3 max bit rate capability. UCD-452 is a 10K video generator for testing Dolby Vision™ on HDMI 2.1 sink devices. With our user-friendly GUI, users can monitor and control all vital functionalities of the tested interface. The devices are mandatory tools for any display manufacturer aiming to have a Dolby Vision certificate on their 8K products.

For more product details, please visit our product page.