UCD-451 • DisplayPort 1.4a Dolby Vision Test Tool – 8K Video Generator



UCD-451 (P/N: 066617) is a video generator for testing Dolby Vision on DisplayPort™ 1.4a sink devices with HBR3 max bit rate capability.

  • Resolutions supported: 8K@30 Hz and 4K@120 and Hz 8K@60 Hz (with DSC)
  • DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS Tool for Sinks*
  • HDCP 2.2/2.3 CTS Tool for Transmitters*
  • Support for DSC, FEC, LTTPR, and MST (4 streams)
  • USB-C output with supplied converter

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HDR Testing

  • Extended 32 GB memory enables verifying 8K Dolby Vision content
  • Any video format, audio format, frame rate, video timing, and infoframes including timestamps.
  • There are no restrictions on the output of video format

8K Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Audio Test Tool

Unigraf’s UCD-451 is an 8K Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio test tool. Thanks to an extended 32GB memory, UCD-451 enables the verification of 8K Dolby Vision™ content. With the Dolby SW package, UCD-451 is a mandatory tool for any monitor manufacturer willing to have a Dolby Vision certificate on their products.

UCD Console SW and Embedded PC

To enable the impressive 32GB memory, UCD-451 comes with a built-in PC. The UCD Console Software, with an easy-to-use GUI, can be used simply by plugging in a monitor, keyboard, and mouse of your choice. The PC-like construction enables 6 USB 3.0 connections and an HDMI connection for users.

UCD Console Software with easy-to-use GUI enables users to monitor and control all vital functionalities of the DP 1.4 interface. With a built-in pattern generator and video capture function, you can test sink devices up to 8K@30Hz with uncompressed video. The GUI provides users with control and visual presentation of DP link status and configuration up to 4 lanes. Dolby Vision scenarios can be played back in UCD Playback integrated into UCD Console. UCD Playback can combine info frames, video frames, and audio packets. They are all separate files providing full flexibility to customize the scenario. Additional functionalities include video and audio pattern generator, data logger for AUX and metadata content, link and DPCD register monitoring and control dialogs, EDID editor, HDCP status and control functions, etc.

E-learning center: UCD Console GUI

Display Stream Compression (DSC)

DSC feature is available as a software add-on to UCD-451. DSC Encoder allows users to convert image bitmaps into DSC encoded custom patterns, and then it can be transmitted with the built-in pattern generator on the UCD Console.

E-learning center: Display Stream Compression



  • DP 1.4a Test Equipment
  • 8K Dolby Vision Test Tool
  • Extended Memory 32 GBs
  • Embedded PC
  • 8K and 4K Reference DP Source
  • DP 1.4a (HBR3 output) features
    • MST support (4 streams)
    • DSC, FEC, and LTTPR support
    • USB-C output with supplied converter

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