UCD-500 Gen2 is coming soon!

November 24, 2022

We are aiming to release UCD-500 Gen2 in Q1 2023. New features include 20 Gb support on the Physical layer for DP connectors and cable detection capability for DP40 and DP80 cables.

For this product upgrade, we would like to ask our current customers to send your UCD-500 device to Unigraf for a hardware upgrade. If you are a new customer, you can purchase the UCD-500 Gen2 when it is released.

UCD-500 Gen2 DisplayPort 2.0/2.1 16K Video Generator & Analyzer Product Highlight

  • 16K Video Generator & Analyzer
  • DP and USB-C inputs and outputs
  • 10, 13.5, and 20 Gbp/s lane rates
  • 8K@60Hz without compression
  • 16K@60Hz with DSC
  • DP 2.1 Link Layer CTS
  • HDCP 2.3 CTS for receivers, transmitters, and repeaters
  • Support for Adaptive Sync, DSC, FEC, and LTTPR
  • View and edit EDID and DPCD registers
  • Color depth 6 to 16bpc
  • Color formats: RGB, YCbCr 444, 422, 420, Raw
  • Capture memory 16G
  • Color formats: RGB, YCbCr 444, 422, 420, Raw
  • DP80 (20 Gb rate max) capability on DP connector

For more product information, please visit our webpage.