Unigraf announces the End of Life for UCD-424

April 14, 2023

Espoo, Finland 

Due to a component shortage, Unigraf announces the End of Life for UCD-424. The End of Life announcement is effective immediately. UCD-424 will be removed from the product portfolio by the 15th of October, 2023. During the six months phase-out period of the End of Life process, Unigraf will keep supporting the UCD-424 in its future software and firmware releases. For detailed information on the support after the end of life, please contact Unigraf directly at support@unigraf.fi 

For USB-C DP Alt Mode testing, Unigraf offers UCD-500. UCD-500 is a DP 2.1 CTS Test Tool supporting both DP and USB-C connectors. 

For more information on the UCD-500, please visit the product page. 


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