DPA-400 AUX Channel Monitor - How to Highlight Specific Transaction Lines from AUX Channel Traffic

Published 19-07-25 in category DisplayPort™ • Writer Juha Eskola

In this video we show how you can highlight specific transaction lines in DP AUX Channel Monitor GUI when Capturing the AUX Channel traffic between a DP sink and a DP source. First option is to highlight specific events from the transaction list. For example, you can highlight signal state change messages or events related to HDCP 1.3 or HDCP 2.2. In the video we use events related to HDCP 2.2 as an example. Second option is to highlight transaction lines from specific DPCD address ranges. For example, in the video all transaction lines from 68 000 to 68 300 are highlighted.

DPA-400 with the AUX Channel Monitor GUI provide a compact, pocket sized tool for recording and analyzing DisplayPort AUX channel traffic. They enable the user to monitor, capture and document the DPCD reads and writes and the MST Sideband Channel Communication over a DP link. Compatible with all DP versions from DP 1.1 to 1.4 and HDCP 1.3 and 2.2 messaging. DPA-400 is also compatible with DisplayPort Alternate Mode in USB Type-C interface. 

Unigraf AUX Channel Monitor is an almost mandatory tool for any engineer verifying or debugging Compliance Test or Interoperability Test results. Only by analyzing the details of the source – sink interaction the designer is able to fully confirm the behavior of both parties. When the content of each read and write are available in detail, there will be no room for guessing.

For more information about DPA-400, click here.


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