Unigraf UCD-400 • DP 1.4 Link Layer CTS and HDCP 2.2 tests for DP Sinks and DP Sources

Published 18-06-20 in category DisplayPort™ • Writer Juha Eskola

In this video we demonstrate how easily you can run DisplayPort™ 1.4 Link Layer and HDCP 2.2 CTS Tests on Unigraf's UCD-400 HW Test Tool and UCD Console GUI. UCD Console GUI is a common user interaface for all UCD-200/300/400 series products. On the video you see how easily you can select and run compliance tests on DisplayPort interface.

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UCD-400 is a Test Tool for both DP 1.4 Link Layer CTS and HDCP 2.2 CTS Tests. UCD-400 also supports DSC, FEC and LTTPR.

For more information on UCD-400 click here.


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