Unigraf's Unique Electrical Test on DisplayPort™ and HDMI Products

Published 18-08-27 in category Electrical Testing • Writer Juha Eskola

In this video we demonstrate how you can use UCD-301's electrical test to find component or soldering issues on DisplayPort™ or HDMI products. In the video it is also demonstrated why you should use Electrical Test instead of just relying on human perception. Modern monitors have high quality receiver chips that correct the defected signal. Even if the video seems to be playing on the monitor just fine, there might be serious defects in the source device. UCD-301 can also be used in production line testing as the Electrical Tests can be fully automated.

Unigraf's unique Electrical Test can also be found from UCD-340 USB Type-C™ Test Tool. For more information on UCD-301 click here.


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