Unigraf UCD-340 Test Automation Setup - Testing a USB Type-C Laptop

Published 18-08-27 in category Electrical Testing • Writer Juha Eskola

This video shows how you can run fully automated tests on UCD-340 USB Type-C™ test tool. In this video we perform automated Electrical Tests. Key points of Unigraf's unique Electrical Test:

• Electrical Test is used to verify interface signal contiunity

• With Electrical Test you can make sure that components in the DUT are functional and soldering and assembly of the components is done properly

• Thanks to a SW based cable flip, UCD-340’s Electrical Test can verify whole USB-C connector with single cable insertion.

• Electrical Test verifies that all the connector pins are properly soldered.

Tests are first configured in UCD Console GUI and the run from the command-line.

With UCD-series test tools there are three way to conduct automated tests. First, you can configure tests using UCD-Console GUI and run the automated tests straight from the command-line. Second, you can integrate the C++ code into your existing test systems. Third, UCD- series test tools are compatible with third-party test management software such as NI TestStand.

For more information on UCD-340, click here.


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