Unigraf’s UCD-422 and UCD-323 Certified by HDR10+ LLC for Display Device Testing

March 2, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Unigraf’s UCD-422 and UCD-323 are now officially certified for HDR 10+ certification from HDR 10+ LLC for Display Device testing on HDMI. With HDR 10+ Display Device Test License (MT6675), HDR 10+ adopters are allowed to generate HDR 10+ specific patterns that are required by HDR 10+ LLC to certify Sink devices such as TVs and Monitors for HDR 10+.

Unigraf’s solution integrates Klein K-10A colorimeter for automated testing of HDR 10+ Display Device tests allowing users to set and play the patterns without having to manually measure luminance values of HDR 10+ patterns. Users that do not have Klein K-10A colorimeter will be able to manually record measured luminance values into the software GUI. This solution is easy to use and reduces the time required to run HDR 10 Display Device certification tests.

Please contact Unigraf for more details on availability.

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For more product details:
UCD-422: HDMI 2.1 Generator & Analyzer
UCD-323: DP 1.2 / HDMI 2.0 Generator & Analyzer

UCD-422 and UCD-323 HDR10+ Certified