Unigraf Background

The origin of Unigraf is in the multinational KONE Corporation. The team that is today Unigraf was established as the Industial Control Team of Kone Instrument Group. At that time the time when PC did not exist every control system had its dedicated "Video Generator". Industrial Control Team successfully provided advanced display controller units for companies like Kone, Valmet (today Metso) and Nokia who was involved in industial control systems at that time. Many of the systems are still in use after a 30 years' service.

In 1990 Unigraf was formed with a MBO. Most of the owners, the operational management at that time, are still today actively involved within Unigraf.

Unigraf was soon concentrating on a new area: PC card based video test pattern generators to help the production of monitors and TV sets. Unigraf was the first company to integrate the pattern generator inside a PC having a graphical user interface. Unigraf gained a strong position in pattern generators for automated testing of both analog and digital displays. It was co-operating with worldwide leaders like Barco, Philips, Sony, LG, HP, Tatung etc.

With the invent of new the DisplayPort display interface Unigraf soon established the leading position as the supplier of Link Layer and HDCP CTS tools for both DisplayPort Sinks and Sources. Unigraf has extended the selection of tools to include testers for DP Audio CTS and DP EDID CTS. All leading providers of DisplayPort enabled components and devices are using Unigraf tools in their laboratories.

In early 2000 Unigraf enlarged its expertize and product range to frame grabbers for capturing high resolution RGB and DVI signal. Unigraf's first major application was radar image capturing for Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) the "Black Box" for ships. Unigraf's frame grabber was one of the few devices approved to the demanding requirements.

Combining the expertize in video testing and frame grabbers Unigraf is now providing a novel test scheme for testing on the other hand HDMI and DisplayPort Source Devices and on the other hand display electronics with LVDS or mini-LVDS output. Unigraf's approach is again new and revolutionary on both areas. Unigraf's test scheme provides features and a flexibility that older conventional test systems cannot provide.