Test Automation: Testing Cables

May 11, 2020

Cable Testing up to 10K

When developing and manufacturing receiver and transmitter devices, it is crucial to use proper test tools to ensure that they are designed according to standards and manufactured flawlessly. However, if the cable connecting the devices is not properly tested, there is no guarantee that the transmitter and receiver devices will work seamlessly together.

The presentation below gives a detailed introduction on how to perform automated tests on DisplayPort cables. All tests that you can automate are also available in the UCD Console GUI which is a common PC user interface for all UCD series products. Similar test sequences are also available for testing HDMI and USB-C cables.

Cable testing demo


Demo Video

The video below shows how you can run an automated test sequence for testing cables. In the video, we used UCD-400 Test Tool and tested DisplayPort cables with 8K video stream. This particular test sequence is delivered with UCD-400 Test Tool. Similar test sequences are available for UCD-424 for testing USB-C cables and for UCD-422 for testing HDMI cables.


Test Tools for Testing Cables

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