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Unigraf’s vision is to ensure better quality for your future technology products. With Unigraf’s state of the art test tools video electronics manufacturers can ensure that your future products work according to the standards and are manufactured flawlessly.


Unigraf’s expertise lies within a deep understanding of the fundamental technologies of DisplayPort, USB-C and HDMI interfaces. Unigraf is a worldwide leader in DisplayPort compliance test tools. This has allowed Unigraf to master the DisplayPort Alternate Mode within the USB-C interface. For HDMI interface Unigraf provides a wide range of R&D debug and production line test tools. Across the range, Unigraf’s test tools can be used in R&D development, compliance testing and production line testing – regardless of the interface.

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Come check out our e-learning center to get the latest news on video technology! Stay tuned for the modern-day testing requirements and benefits. Our learning center is a place for you to deepen your knowledge of the technology that matters the most to your company.


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The team that is today Unigraf was established as the Industrial Control Team of Kone Instrument Group. At that time the time when PC did not exist every control system had its dedicated “Video Generator”. Industrial Control Team successfully provided advanced display controller units for companies like Kone, Valmet (today Metso) and Nokia who was involved in industrial control systems at that time. Many of the systems are still in use after a 30 years’ service.

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