UCD-400 • DP 1.4a LL CTS Test Tool


VESA Certified DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS Test Tool

UCD-400 is platform for both DisplayPort™ 1.4a Link Layer and HDCP 2.2 Compliance Tests. UCD-400 is a VESA certified DP 1.4a LL CTS Test Tool. UCD-400 is also a DCP Approved test tool for testing HDCP 2.3 Receivers and Transmitters on the DisplayPort interface. UCD-400 is a HBR3 capable 8K and 4K Reference Sink, Source and Repeater. With UCD-400 you can verify DisplayPort™ interfaces up to 8K@30 Hz and 4K@120 Hz video modes. You can also use UCD-400 to test DisplayPort over USB-C with a special cable adapter.

UCD-400 is a flexible and robust tool either via a GUI on a laboratory desktop or via automated functionality tests. The associated software provides the user access to the vital parameters and controls needed when evaluating the various functions of the interface.

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DisplayPort™ 1.4a Link Layer and HDCP 2.3 CTS Test Tool

UCD-400 is a platform for both DP 1.4a Link Layer and HDCP 2.3 Compliance Tests. You can use the same unit for testing both Sink and Source DUT. UCD-400 is a VESA certified DP 1.4a LL CTS Test Tool. For more information on DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS, click here. UCD-400 is also a DCP Approved test tool for testing HDCP 2.3 Receivers and Transmitters on the DisplayPort interface. Capability for Approved support for Repeaters will be added later. For more information on HDCP 2.3 CTS Testing, click here. Further, UCD-400 supports FEC, DSC and LTTPR. Please contact Unigraf for details. 

Test DisplayPort over USB-C

You can use UCD-400 to test the USB-C interface by using a special cable adapter offered by Unigraf.

For R&D and Test Automation

UCD-400 supports both hands-on debugging and running extended automated test sequences. UCD Console GUI is a preview and test application for desktop use. Each interface function has a well-structured dialog for superior at-a-glance viewability.
Unigraf TSI is a test software API that provides the system integrator a fast and reliable way for ensuring the functionality of the tested equipment.


• 8K and 4K compliant test equipment
• VESA certified DP 1.4a Link Layer Compliance Test Tool

• DCP Approved HDCP 2.3 Compliance Test
• DP 1.4a / HBR3 input and output in one unit
• DSC, FEC and LTTPR support
• HDCP 1.3 and HDCP 2.3 support
• Capture and source video and audio.
Set configuration parameters
• USB 3.0 connected
• UCD Console GUI for debugging
• High-level API for easy integration

What is DisplayPort™ LTTPR?

Click the image below to open a presentation that provides you a brief description of what LTTPRs are and how they connect to other DisplayPort enabled devices.