HDCP 2.3 Compliance Testing of Transmitter, Receiver & Repeater Devices

February 17, 2020

Over the years, Unigraf has been a trusted provider of debug tools and compliance tests for designers of DisplayPort (DP) featured Sink and Source devices. Unigraf offers HCDP 2.3 Compliance Tests (CTS) to complete its tool palette for the DisplayPort interface.

VESA Requires HDCP Testing for DisplayPort Logo Certification

In 2018 VESA announced that it now requires HDCP testing as part of the DisplayPort testing requirement for certification. If a DP Source or Sink supports HDCP (as reported in the product CDF) it shall be tested as part of the certification requirements for obtaining the DP Logo. (Source: VESA)

Digital Content Protection LLC (DCP) is an organization that licenses technologies for protecting premium commercial entertainment content. High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a specification developed by Intel Corporation to protect digital entertainment content across digital interfaces. (Source: DCP)

Complete Set for HDCP 2.3 Compliance Testing

UCD-400, an 8K video analyzer and generator, is approved for HDCP 2.3 compliance testing of HBR3 capable DisplayPort sinks, sources and repeaters. The HDCP 2.3 CTS tool is extended beyond DisplayPort 1.4a interface. Unigraf’s UCD-340 is the only DCP Approved compliance test tool for testing USB-C DP Alt Mode Sinks and Sources. The HBR3 capable UCD-400 also supports testing of USB-C DP Alt Mode devices with suitable cable adaptors. When testing DP 1.2 Sinks and Sources the HW platform is Unigraf’s UCD-323. Further, UCD-301 is approved for testing DP Source devices. (https://www.digital-cp.com/compliance)

Highly Visual User Interface

HDCP 2.3 CTS tests are controlled via Unigraf’s UCD Console user interface. UCD Console provides the test engineer superior at-a-glance visibility of the ‘vital signs’ of DP interface and full control of important connection parameters. In UCD Console each functionality is clearly laid out on dedicated dialogs ensuring constant high productivity of the design engineer during test sessions. UCD Console features built-in test sets for HDCP 2.3 CTS tests. You can easily select and run the HDCP 2.3 tests.

The table below shows Unigraf’s HDCP 2.3 Compliance Test Tools

HDCP 2.3 CTS for Transmitter DUT✓*
HDCP 2.3 CTS for Receiver DUT✓*
HDCP 2.3 CTS for Repeater DUT✓*
* Tests supported but not yet approved by DCP LLC

The presentation below describes HDCP 2.3 Compliance testing of DisplayPort and DP Alt Mode Sinks, Sources and Repeaters.

HDCP 2.3 CTS testing


HDCP 2.3 CTS Test Tools

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