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Resolutions up to 10K

As resolutions in monitors and TVs reach up to 10K, a need for proper testing grows stronger. With resolutions up to 8K and beyond it is impossible to detect errors with the bare human eye.

What to Test in Monitors and TVs?

Video & Audio

In receiver devices such as monitors, it is crucial to test that each functionality works seamlessly with different types of transmitter devices such as game consoles or Blu-ray players. With proper test tools, you can test all functions of the transmitter-receiver pairing in a reliable and controlled manner.

With a proper test tool, you can generate video with different resolutions and color formats. Unigraf’s test tools feature a built-in pattern generator that enables generating video up to 8K@60Hz or 10K@30Hz. Custom timings and patterns are also available. Similarly, an audio generator can be used to generate an audio stream. You can either create an audio stream with a built-in audio generator or upload an audio file to be used in testing. Unigraf’s test tools can also play and capture compressed audio.

The screenshot below shows the built-in pattern generator in UCD Console

Link & HDCP

It is crucial to monitor and control the link between the monitor and transmitter device (e.g. game console). With a proper test tool, you can monitor and control the link status.

UCD Console GUI also provides a monitor and control for enhanced gaming feature Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).

A proper test tool enables the controlling and monitoring of HDCP encryption. As HDCP encrypted video stream cannot be saved on your PC for testing, you need to test that the HDCP encryption is working correctly with a proper test tool. Unigraf’s UCD series test tools enable testing HDCP encryption up to HDCP 2.3.

Screenshots below show the tabs for Link and HDCP monitoring and controlling.

Compliance Testing for DisplayPort

Link Layer CTS Testing

The core of DisplayPort compliance testing is the Link Layer Compliance Testing. The Link Layer compliance testing is always done according to the latest DisplayPort specification. Currently, the VESA certified link layer compliance testing is based on the DP 1.4a specification. In the link layer compliance testing the link between the transmitter and receiver devices is analyzed and tested according to the specifications. Also, all of the different timings (e.g. 4K@60Hz) that can be transmitted under the specifications are tested.

HDCP 2.3 CTS Testing

DisplayPort devices employ HDCP encryption to protect digital content. In 2018 VESA announced that it requires HDCP testing as part of the DP testing requirement for certification. If a DP Source or Sink supports HDCP (as reported in the product CDF) it shall be tested as part of the certification requirements for obtaining the DP Logo. (Source: VESA). The latest HDCP specification is HDCP 2.3.

Dolby Vision™

Dolby has worked closely with industry leaders over the last 50 years to make the stories and experiences as engaging as possible—first with noise reduction, then 5.1 surround and 7.1 surround, and now with Dolby Vision™. Dolby Vision™ transforms the way you experience movies, TV shows, and games with incredible brightness, contrast, and color that bring entertainment to life before your eyes. By fully leveraging the maximum potential of new cinema projection technology and new TVs’ display capabilities, Dolby Vision™ delivers high-dynamic-range (HDR) and wide-color-gamut content. The result is a refined, lifelike image that will make you forget you are looking at a screen.

Unigraf UCD-323 has been approved as an official Dolby Vision™ compatibility test tool. In the compatibility test for Dolby Vision™ Unigraf will provide playback and capturing of the test video and audio content with UCD-323. Further, Dolby will provide customers with the SDK (Software Development Kit) that enables analyzing the Dolby Vision™ video captured with the UCD-323. As of now, Dolby Vision™ testing is available for HDMI interface. UCD-323 also supports Dolby Vision signaling test using Dolby Vision VSIF and Dolby Vision Vendor-Specific Extended Metadata Packets (EMP) using TMDS. With the Dolby SW package, UCD-323 is a mandatory tool for any e.g. television or monitor manufacturer that is willing to have a Dolby Vision™ certificate on their products.

Source: Dolby (2016)

Test Tools for Testing Monitors and TVs

UCD Series Test Tools

Unigraf’s UCD-series test tools enable testing of receiver devices such as monitors and TV’s up to 8K@60Hz or 10K@30Hz resolutions.

UCD-400 Series • State of the Art Test Tools

UCD-400 is a DP 1.4 / HBR3 capable video generator and analyzer. UCD-400 enables testing of DisplayPort receivers up to 8K@30Hz or 4K@120Hz. It has support for DisplayPort 1.4a Link Layer and HDCP 2.3 compliance testing. UCD-400 also supports DSC, FEC, MST (4 streams), and LTTPR.

More information: UCD-400

UCD-422 is an HDMI 2.1 (FRL) test tool. It enables testing HDMI receivers up to 10K@30Hz or 8K@60Hz resolutions. It also has support for FEC*, DSC* and eARC*. Further, UCD-422 supports Dolby Vision™* and enhanced gaming features (VRR & ALLM).

More information: UCD-422

* Contact Unigraf for availability

UCD-300 Series • Test Receivers up to 4K@60Hz

UCD-323 is a 4K@60Hz capable video generator and analyzer for HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort HBR2 devices. UCD-323 is also an approved Dolby Vision™ and HDCP 2.3 Compliance Test Tool.

More information: UCD-323


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