Production Test Command (PTC) Set for DPR-100 and DPT-200

Test Automation for DPT-200 and DPR-100

Production Test Command (PTC) set is a dedicated serial-over-USB protocol for reading DP link status information and performing sink - source handshake related tasks with DPR-100 and DPT-200 .

With the PTC set the user can toggle HPD, read link training status and MSA, read and modify the sink DPCD register content and read and write the sink EDID. The user can also utilize the DPT-200 internal pattern generator. A set of patterns are available and the video timing can be freely defined.

PTC command set is ideal for testing DP link related issues. An application using the PTCs can execute sequences of user definable steps involving basic link level functionality. 

The tests are performed jointly by user test application in the PC and the Firmware (FW) in the Test Equipment (TE). The application communicates with the FW over a serial or USB interface. 

The Production Test Command set is available for all Unigraf Reference Sources and Reference Sinks.

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Case Study

Sending Production Test Commands (PTC) to DPR-100 Reference Sink

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