Test Automation for R&D

Unigraf Test Automation Software

Unigraf Test Automation Software also includes test sequences intended to be used in product design phase. These test sequences cover a more comprehensive set of routines for verifying the basic functions of the interface protocol. These test sequences are ideal for e.g. long term tests during QA accelerated tests or for hardware and software validation in the end of a design phase.

Features with Parameters

Unigraf's Test Automation Software feature R&D test sequences include parameters with which the user can easily define the extent tested and the level of reporting provided. The user can also vary the execution of the test based on the test result. Thorough reporting or test repetition can be vital for documenting an abnormal situation during extended testing. Specially if tests are done without operator attendance.

Based on Compliance Tests

The core of R&D test sequences are based on interface specific compliance tests. With them the user can verify the performance of the design in a standard but streamlined way, without all complications of the official tests.

Based on Unigraf TSI API

Because of the nature of tests, many R&D TSI tests are specific to a certain interface and test equipment hardware. Since the structure of the TSI test calls is uniform, it is straightforward for the user to swap and re-use test applications between test setups. This will considerably save the test designer's precious time.


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The following product are compatible with Unigraf TSI.

   Fully featured 4K Test Automation Tool for USB-C interface

UCD-301 Digital
   4K Video Analyzer for HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 interfaces

UCD-323 HDDP Dual
   4K Video Generator and Analyzer for HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 interfaces

   4K Video Generator and Analyzer for USB Type-C interface

   Full Frame Rate HDMI and DP capture board

UCD-2 Vx1
   USB connected V-by-One capture device

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